The Mediterranean area is the core of an increasing exchange of goods and people. A distinctive feature of present trends in international relationship is the importance of factors that are beyond the mere exchange of goods. In particular, foreign investment, the creation international enterprises and training and personal growth of actors that are involved in the production process are key elements of the present scenario. The objective of this paper is to discuss the need of education and training in Morocco agricultural and agri-food enterprises in view of the increasing connection with the EU economy. In particular, attention is focused on the need brought about by the increased product quality requirements and by the installment of EU and US enterprises in Morocco. The study is carried out as a preliminary activity of the TEMPUS project STRIDE 4, through a survey of about thirty Morocco enterprises. The preliminary results show a strong need for training and information. The questionnaire shows a high degree of awareness about gaps and problems in meeting EU consumer expectations. At the same time, most respondents already show a clear positive strategy toward meeting such needs and many enterprises in fact are already adequate to many quality requirements. The main focus of the training required is on the interface between technical and marketing activities. Continuous education and life long learning are also perceived as major needs. In the background, the research shows the need of a more consistent understanding of each other's institutions and cultural settings, as well as of a long term process of learning through collaborative training, production and research.


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