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The last forty years have seen a dramatic decrease in wine consumption in France. In 1965, the wine consumption per people per year was 160 liters ; in 2005, people didn't drink more than 70 liters of wine in a year. Moreover, from 1980 to 1990, people over 14 years who drunk wine have decreased from 80 to 67 % of the population. In 2005, only 62 % of them pretended drinking wine. That is one million French people less than in 2000. This decline in wine market can be explained by the fact that young people consume less wine than older people. This article identifies authenticity as a factor explaining purchasing behavior of young consumers. Findings suggests that the label of bottled wine influences young consumers' choice of wine. Originality and projection are two dimensions of the authenticity explaining how young consumers perceive performance risk, perceived price and purchase intentions.


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