This paper presents the results of a preliminary intercept survey of consumers at farmers' markets in Gainesville, Florida in 2007. We developed survey questions to identify: (1) how much fruit and vegetable produce respondents buy from local sources; (2) attitudes regarding local foods; (3) definitions of local by distance and ownership; (4) WTP for local foods; (5) perceptions of the availability and cost of local products; and (6) demographic information. In addition to WTP, we employed several tools- a Likert scale, a cost/availability matrix, and other investigatory and demographic questions - to analyze factors affecting purchasing decisions. These include relative cost, accessibility, attitudes and perceptions of the term 'local.' We report and describe the results of the survey, including a regression analysis of WTP as a function of attitudinal, behavioral, and demographic variables. Given the small sample size, the results are largely not statistically significant. Yet, they are useful for refining the survey instrument for a larger study.


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