The online Western Economic Expectations survey solicits views on the future economic performance of the western provinces and the country from over 2,000 economists and financial analysts who are closest to the working details of the Western Canadian economy. The survey covers people who use economics in their work, in universities and colleges, industry associations, economic development agencies, the private sector and the public service across Western Canada. The survey is conducted through a partnership between Alberta’s two premier economic and policy research centres, the Canada West Foundation in Calgary and the Western Centre for Economic Research at the University of Alberta’s School of Business in Edmonton, It is the only survey that solicits economic views from people in all four western provinces. The survey is conducted electronically three times a year with the results released in October, February and June. In addition to economic expectations, each survey explores a timely economic issue such as the impact of the economic stimulus package, protectionism or expansion in international trade, or environmental protection, Each survey also includes one open-ended question such as ‚What products or services from Western Canada hold the greatest future potential for exporting to other countries over the next ten years?‛ The results are publicized in Information Bulletins and through a series of news releases following each survey. The results will provide public policy practitioners with useful information about how Western Canadians view their economic prospects and current economic policy issues.


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