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Shrimp culture areas and production of the Mekong Delta cover about 60 percent of the total shrimp areas and production of Vietnam. Especially, the Delta contributes about 80 percent of the total shrimp production for export. Rapid development of the shrimp industry is raising a number of serious problems that need to be solved. Shrimp seed supply (post larvae production) plays an essential role in the shrimp industry and it is one of the most important constraints to the development of the shrimp industry in the Delta. The focus of this study is aimed at obtaining an improvement in both the profit per day and post larvae production of the shrimp hatchery in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam. A Monte Carlo simulation approach was applied to develop a stochastic and dynamic bio-economic model of a shrimp hatchery in the Delta. Initial results and policy recommendations are based on the analysis of the hatchery system simulation using a forward recursion approach and by changing the most important assumptions.


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