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Food marketing should pay special attention to emphasizing healthy nutrition and lifestyle as a result of the lifestyle trends and bad dietary habits. Regarding the close relationship between consumer behavior and lifestyle, the influence of healthy nutrition on purchase decisions should be an important factor in the consumer purchase decision analysis. Soft drinks have a major role in the intake of liquids and energy necessary for life. A certain level of soft drink consumption can be part of a proper diet. The potential problems arise from excessive consumption endangering especially children and young people. In addition to the contents of soft drinks, the problem can be the displacing in consumption of other useful foods having an important role in nutrient intake. Consumers differ in their expectations toward the ingredients and content of soft drinks. This research aims to determine whether consumer groups can be differentiated based on their requirements. A countrywide representative analysis was conducted in Hungary in terms of the importance and the role of health factor by purchase decision process. According to the research it can be ascertained that perceived health and the consciousness of health plays a marginal role by decision. Based on the market research in terms of healthy way of life well separated prospective target groups can be found among the population in Hungary.


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