The supply studies on the fisheries sector in India have been addressed at the disaggregated level by production environment and by species groups. These would be more imperative and useful for assessing the fish supply at the national level. The fish supply projections by species groups under different production environments have been obtained to a medium-term horizon, by the year 2015 under various technological scenarios. The study has concluded that the supply response to fish price changes has been stronger under aquaculture than marine environment in India. Price and technology have been reported as the important instruments to induce higher supply. The change in the relative prices of fish species would change the species-mix in the total supply. The fish production has been projected as 4.6-5.5 million tonnes of inland fish and 3.2-3.6 million tonnes of marine fish by the year 2015. More than 60 per cent of the additional fish production will be contributed by aquaculture and mainly by the Indian major carps.


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