The equity issues concerning soil degradation and soil reclamation have been analysed for Tungabhadra Project Area of the Karnataka state. The study is based on primary data obtained from 325 respondent farmers. The data gathered by survey method have been analysed using conventional and simple tabular method of analysis, Gini ratio, and Lorenz curve. The study has revealed that the small and marginal farmers are worst affected by soil degradation. The large farmers have also experienced the brunt of soil degradation but the effect has been marginal since they have alternative sources of livelihood. The study has further indicated that the extent of inequity is higher on degraded than normal soils. However, this can be reduced to a great extent by launching land reclamation programmes. Therefore, the study has suggested that the government should initiate land reclamation programmes on a large scale on long-term basis so that the fruits of land reclamation technologies could reach the vulnerable sections of the society.


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