The continuous process toward agriculture is the main reason of the substitution and even disappearance of the ovine cattle of the province. The internal market is barely developed and strongly seasonal. The objective of this work is to characterize the chain of ovine meat of the province of Cordoba. The used data come from primary information: surveys and interviews to described informants, and of secondary information. Even though, the ovine production net has a complementary character of other cattle activities and agricultural, the present and potential demand of the lamb meat follows in increase. This study also has detected important restrictions for the integral development of the chain, the most notable aim to the tax burden, the sanitary problems and the commercial informality. The National Ovine Law had important impacts on primary production but the commercialization by informal channels could not be reverted. The industry appears like the main receiver of the final value of the product. The preliminary results pretend the definition of policies that promote the join work of public and private sectors to assure the development of the ovine sector seeking the opportunities that this market offers.


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