This article measures and analyses the workers technical efficiency in the production virus unit of the Naun-Leon, during period 2007-2008. For our study we use sectional cruces data take on a normal half Distribution and the measure methodology known as Stochastic Frontier Production Function (Coelli, 1995). The results shown, with technology known as production of polyhedrons nuclear virus (PNV), that the workers were underused in a 58 % during period of study. This indicator makes emphasis on the organizing levels workers to face the technology applied, training and education levels. From this results, is advising to reflect about the combine of technology applied with the worker rational use, to refer the organization, technical training by up productive level and up technical efficiency. In addition, I suggest the necessary for a worker reengineering or worker specializing of the unit PNV, focuses it in satisfies dose Production demand that involve the strengthening of business with farmers. Aggressive strategy business will be suggested.


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