The WWW, along with email, are simple forms of information technology which have become easily accessible through the Internet. They offer great sources of up-to-date information and data-sets of all kinds. They allow you to get in contact, communicate and exchange information in electronic form. Of particular interest are the increasing number of web sites which pertain to agriculture and notably to markets. You may find quotes on futures within 10 minutes of their actual calls, and you may also find outlook reports on specific commodities for the years to come. This paper serves as a guide to these different sources on market information presently available on the Internet1. These sources may be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports, outlook reports, commodity reports or quotes from different exchanges. These reports may also be set up so that you may receive them directly into your email. Also, you may choose to take part in discussion groups. Other web sites are of great value and offer hundreds of links to related sites. A few of these sites are presented in this paper.


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