The study examined various traditional communication media (TCM) used by rural farmers as sources of information to improve their production in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State. Data were drawn from a sample of one hundred and twenty (120) randomly selected farmers using a structure interview schedule. The obtained data were described with frequency and analyzed using chi-square test. The results indicated that majority (62.8%) of farmers commonly received innovations through TCM such as discussion groups, market places, agriculture-based festivals, visits, cooperative society, traditional meetings, community elders, village squares, and relations. and found them effective. A significant relationship was established between farmers’ perceptions of effectiveness TCM and effectiveness of TCM .The variables that had significant relationship with TCM was socio-cultural lifestyles of farmers (χ2 = 49.9, α =0.05) and farmers’ level of education (χ2=95.58, α =0.05) Based on the findings, it is pertinent to direct deliberate efforts towards the integration of traditional media of communication into the innovation delivery system for rural farmers.


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