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With the increase of per capita GDP, the urbanization level of Ganzhou city has increased significantly. However, urbanization in central region was obviously higher than western and eastern regions. In order to gradually narrow the gap of urbanization between them and to enhance the overall level of urbanization, I try to set up a development mechanism for small towns in Ganzhou City from seven different paths. They are ①establish a strict and normative land management system, ② constitute a Unified household registration system in urban and rural areas, ③ construct a unified and fair employment system, ④ build a multi-layered social security system, ⑤ establish a multilateral financial system and the investment and financing system in small towns for long-term development, ⑥ set up a high efficient administrative system in small towns, ⑦ construct a scientific docking mechanism for industrial gradient transfer. These seven different paths can not only promote the development of rural reform in Ganzhou City, but also has demonstration significance to the development of small towns in underdeveloped areas of China.


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