The purpose of this research is to know the meaning, which the diverse social groups attribute to a new technology, with the assumption that for the group that work planting, the seeding device represents the accomplishment of their work with greater rapidity and exactitude, whereas for the owner it represents savings in the production process. In order to attain this goal one begins with a concept of technology, which is understood as the application of the scientific method to the procedures of manufacture and development of administrative processes in companies. In addition, one considers that the technological innovation is the creative activity that is set to create wealth and social welfare through technology. Whereas social construction of technology can be contemplated as a common frame of meaning related to a technology in particular, which is shared among several social groups and that, in addition, guides and gives form to the development of the devices. After gathering data and analyzing the answers of the users of the multiple fine grain planting machines, the social construction that took place in relation to its use could be appreciated, since there were points of converging meaning for the actors involved in the use of this technology.


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