The profitability of a production system of oyster mushrooms was evaluated under conditions of greenhouse with a surface of 112 m2 located in San Salvador Chachapa, pertaining to the municipality of Amozoc de Mota in the state of Puebla. The indicators of economic evaluation were used: net present value (NPV), relation benefit-cost (B/C), relation net benefitinvestment (N/K) and internal rate of return (IRR) to make the yield analysis. The results obtained for a period of 5 years were: NPV = 50.098,46, B/C = 1, 04, N/K = 1.23 and IRR = 11.82. With base in these indicators, one concluded that the project is viable from the economic point of view. In accordance with analysis, profitability of project of investment is excellent and the production system of oyster mushrooms under conditions of greenhouse has good perspectives of commercialization.


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