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The prospective analysis is related directly to the future vision, which cannot be guessed, but if it can be visualized and/or be constructed trought to influence that can be had inside the decision making. The prospective analysis milk and cheese quality that appears, comprises of a project financed by the Foundation Hidalgo Produce and operated by the National Institute Forestry, Agricultural and Livestock Research. The agri-food chain milk analysis, two products were selected to be put under the analysis, vision and evaluation of a panelists experts group who trought Delphi type questionnaire, were shaping their qualifications. To work decision with milk and cheese products was in regard they are most important by volume in that they are consumed and by the economic value that generate in the agri-food chain milk. It was asked the experts who evaluated the present and future situation to milk and cheese quality to 20 relevant variables to milk case and 15 variables to cheese case, under a 2020 tendencial scene. The panelists qualifications, using like statistical measurement the medium one and in a scale from the 1 to the 10, was for the great majority of the variables 9 or 10, that means very elevated 9 and extremely elevated 10; which takes to think that in the future, the quality milk and cheese subject will be of extreme importance in the research processes that make the institutions dedicated to this activity. From the action strategies proposals were derived such as : fulfillment norms by means of a program of stimuli and punishments by quality; establishment promotion of good handling practices; diffusion to consumption quality product; actors training of all the chain links and technologies transference.


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