The objective was to determinate the productivity and profitability of quail production in the south of México State, on temperate conditions. The methodology used was formulation and evaluation of projects. The product's main market was Toluca, Temascaltepec and Valle de Bravo, with a monthly demand of 5,000, 2,800 and 1,900 carcasses respectively. The average price per kg of meat and egg was $ 115.0 ($ 11.5/piece) and $50.0, respectively. The fixed inversion was $26,222.0; the current depreciation value was $17,500.0. In the same way fixed and variables costs during the first year were $141,269.2. The revenue in the first year was $175,425.0. The net present value was $3,676.35, with 14.02% return of the fixed investment, the cost and benefic relationship and net investment benefit was 1.029 and 1.09 respectively. With a IRR 12.47%. According to the technical, financial and economic market analysis the Quail production in the south of Mexico State was profitable.


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