The present study analyzes the productive structure and the yield of the companies extractors of derivatives of the mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) in Mexico, by means of the generation of quantitative indicators. The margins of commercialization of different products elaborated by the industry calculated; also they were studied the enterprises profitability. The study is referred to the analysis of 12 industries by-product processors derived from mexican lime, three located in the State of Colima, five in Michoacán, three in Oaxaca and one in the State of Guerrero. The results showed that the industrial derivatives of the mexican lime have in general positive marketing margins to current prices, except in the cases of fresh and dehydrated peel, due to the low prices of both products at the market that determine negative margins. On the other hand, the main agents who commercialize these derived products are national and international companies and brokers, having as main destiny the international market, which represents more of 70 %. Key words: Citrus aurantifolia Swingle, marketing margins, profitability.


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