Agricultural research in INIFAP (National Institute for Agricultural, Livestock and Forestry Research of Mexico) has been traditionally oriented to increase yields. Under this approach research objectives have been directed to obtain more kilograms of grains per hectare, more milk liters per cow, more meat per animal, etc. As national and international agricultural context has been changed, new approaches have been included and topics like environment and market trends are now incorporated to INIFAP's research activity. The market approach has been taken into account in an implicit way in some research projects of INIFAP. However, it is necessary to pay more attention to this topic because as it is known, consumers orient type and characteristics of goods to be produced. In this paper current situation and market trends of four important agricultural products in the Comarca Lagunera region are presented: cantaloupe, cotton, pecans and forages. In each case, after market trends and situation analysis, research approaches and topics are recommended to be followed by researchers of INIFAP Laguna. A common point in each case is that agricultural production should be profitable, increase farmer's income and standard of life, and at the same time be environmentally friendly. KeyWords: cantaloupe, cotton, pecans, forages, per unit yields, market trends.


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