The Secretaria de Fomento Agropecuario del Estado de Coahuila created at the express request of rural producers, the program of agricultural and rural extension, in order to lead the field a comprehensive system of technical assistance, supported by technology that generate research institutions , and backed by highly trained technicians, committed to sustainable rural development. Among the main objectives of the program in the case of crops, is raising yields and improve their quality, and in the case of livestock, increase productivity and maintain the health of cattle ranches. The extension program, began in 2006 with two specific programs: one in Cotton, in the laguna region, and another in Bovine, in 23 municipalities of the entity; for 2007, are integrated eight programs more: apple, melon, walnut, corn, wheat, fodder, as well as the program in goats and leveling of land, with which it is achieved meet all municipalities of the state, while there are answers to the demands of producers. To date, the launching of the program of agricultural extension begins to bear fruit, allowing producers and partners feel responsible for their own development and the communities where they live.


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