This section includes: Agricultural and Rural Development for Reducing Poverty and Hunger in Asia: Past Performance and Priorities for the Future, by Nurul Islam and Joachim von Braun; Poverty in Asia and the Transition to High-Priced Food Staples, by C. Peter Timmer; Asia’s Poorest and Hungry: Trends and Characteristics, by Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth V. Hill, Doris M. Wiesmann , and Lisa C. Smith; Economic Exclusion and Poverty in Asia: The Example of Castes in India, by Sukhadeo Thorat; Women’s Status and the Changing Nature of Rural Livelihoods in Asia, by Agnes R. Quisumbing; Agriculture in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities, by Mark W. Rosegrant, Claudia Ringler, Timothy B. Sulser, Siwa Msangi, Tingju Zhu, Rowena Valmonte-Santos, and Stanley Wood; Asian Food Market Transformation: Policy Challenges to Promote Competitiveness with Inclusiveness, by Ashok Gulati and Thomas Reardon; Changing Sources of Household Income and Poverty Reduction in Rural Asia, 1985–2004, by Keijiro Otsuka and Jonna P. Estudillo; How and When Road Investments Encourage Inclusive Growth: Learning from the Asian Development Bank’s Experience, by Hemamala Hettige; Strategies for Developing and Disseminating Improved Rice Technologies for the Poor, by Robert Zeigler; Climate Change in the Context of Asia: Pro-Poor Adaptation, Risk Management, and Mitigation Strategies, by Gary Yohe, Ian Burton, Saleemul Huq, and Mark W. Rosegrant; Risks Faced by Rural Households and Private Sector Insurance Initiatives in India, by D. Sattaiah; Developing Rural Institutions That Strengthen the Voice of the Rural Poor, by Eduardo T. Gonzalez; Decentralization and Public Service Delivery to the Rural Poor, by Kamiljon T. Akramov; Investment Priorities for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Asia, by Shenggen Fan, Joanna Brzeska, and Ghada Shields;


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