A simple mathematical model has been formulated to assess the losses due to a disease in goats in India. The losses due to important diseases in goats have been computed for a 15-year period (1991- 2005) based on published reports. The rank analysis has revealed that number of incidence was maximum for PPR, followed by FMD and sheep and goat pox. These three diseases have accounted for 54 per cent of the total incidences. The maximum deaths on per year average basis for the period 1991-2005 have been due to PPR, followed by sheep and goat pox, enterotoxaemia and CCP. These four diseases have accounted for about 74 per cent of deaths. The overall order with respect to the number of incidences has been found as: PPR > FMD > sheep and goat pox > CCP > fascioliasis / distomatosis > enterotoxaemia > anthrax. The corresponding ranking order with respect to number of deaths was: PPR > sheep and goat pox > enterotoxaemia > CCP > anthrax > fascioliasis / distomatosis > FMD. The total annual average loss due to all diseases in goats has been found of Rs 264.8 lakh. The PPR disease has accounted for the maximum (34.5%) loss, followed by FMD (14.3%), sheep and goat pox (14.1%), CCP (6.4%), enterotoxaemia (6.1%), facioliasis / distomatosis (5.0%) and anthrax (2.0%). Thus, PPR, foot and mouth disease and sheep and goat pox diseases harm goat population on a largescale. Therefore, necessary preventive measures are required to control these diseases of goats.


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