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This study is based on a research period, which has been observed abroad in different countries. It introduces a new approach, which can be a solution to reduce the social and territorial inequivalently. This new approach based on three connecting theories like General System Theory, Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Approach and the Holistic Integrated Approach. The new approach has been named General Spider Map Theory. It is not a real model it is more like new way of think of development. The essential of the theory is that with the tools of reductionist approach to observe and integrate the crucial elements of the Local Community. Let us see the local community, which is situated in the middle of the spider net, and the Local Community is connecting to five pillars. The pillars are the next: Tourism, Social Activity, and Economy, Infrastructure, and Agro-environmental economy. These five pillars give the spider net of the Local Community. Each pillar is an opened system so they are able to get input, make transformation and create outputs. Let us knit the pillars like a real net. This spider net is a new opened system the pillars are its subsystems. If we want to generate development in the Local Community, we shall not develop only one pillar otherwise the spider net will be broken. The harmony inside the net is sensitive and it will disappear if our interaction is not enough maintained. The development has to be a socio-economical influence, which brings together the community, involves the small entrepreneurs to the economical circulation, activates the local education, establishes unique attraction, raises the local heritages, creates equal opportunities for the inhabitants and brings the gap between the less developed and well developed areas.


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