There is significant policy interest in liquid biofuels with appealing prospects for energy security, farm security, poverty alleviation, and climate change. Large-scale commercial biofuel production could have far reaching implications for regional and global markets – particularly those related to energy and land use. As such, large-scale biofuels growth is likely to have significant impacts on global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This paper utilizes a CGE model with explicit biofuel, land, and energy markets. The model is able to estimate the effects on the broad range of input and output markets potentially affected globally by biofuels policies. One of the most controversial issues within the biofuels debate is potential indirect changes in land use and, in particular, the resulting changes in forest carbon stocks. To uncover consequences of biofuel policies for forest carbon, we link our CGE model with a dynamic forward looking model of the forest sector. Within this framework, we evaluate the potential effects of US and multinational biofuels growth on changes in land use and emissions from changes in forest carbon stocks.


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