Amongst 38 farming systems prevalent in the western Uttar Pradesh region, sugarcane–livestock– cereals–fodder has been found the major system being followed by a majority of the farmers. It has been found that sugarcane farmer keeps in general two dairy animals, largely for household milk consumption. The major income source of farmers in the area has been found sugarcane (58 per cent), followed by livestock and cereal crops. The study has revealed that marginal farmers take highest credit, while large farmers take minimum credit. It has also been observed that facility of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) is being availed by only 21 per cent farmers. Farming activity-wise analysis has revealed that sugarcane provides maximum employment, followed by livestock and wheat. In terms of income, the study has observed that a family worker earns Rs 41,270 per year in the study area, which is much lower than that in Punjab (Rs 74,080/year). The study has suggested that a combination of technology, policy and institutional innovations is needed for improvement in productivity and profitability of crops and livestock in the area.


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