The secondhand tractor markets in Punjab have assumed special significance. Around 20000 tractors are transacted annually in these markets, which are generally held on a fixed day of the week specific for each market. About 80 % of the secondhand tractors sold pass through the marketing channel: Farmer ! Agent / Sub-agent ! Farmer. The markets are unorganized and unregulated. The market place is also not proper, congested, costly, inconvenient with hardly any facility. Generally the large farmers sell their secondhand tractor to replace with a new one and the small farmers purchase the secondhand tractor. The price determination is fairly competitive. The distress sale has not been ruled out but has declined with escalation in land prices. The malpractices have been rare but as usual the farmer is the weaker party. The study has suggested that secondhand tractor markets in Punjab should be organized and regulated; the dealers should be registered and the market charges should be fixed. The market agency should maintain record of transactions in the market


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