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In this paper, indirect costs of Finnish Salmonella Control Program (FSCP) due to its trade effects are evaluated. FSCP is a part of Finnish biosecurity policies intended to shield Finnish food supply and consumption chain from salmonella outbreaks. The program directly increases costs of importing by e.g. requiring costly certificates for imports. Additionally, it may cause anxiety to suppliers of imports as there are added uncertainties in the import process. As similar requirements apply to domestic suppliers, the program should not be thought of as a technical trade barrier (TBT), however, it may affect trade flows indirectly and effects may be assessed in a similar manner as those of TBT’s. The evaluation of the trade effects is performed using a combined price wedge-gravity approach and they are quantified as tariff-equivalents. After determining the tariff equivalent, sensitivity results are provided as some of the parameter values used in the calculation are difficult to observe directly.


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