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000043802 246__ $$aUniversities, NGOs and agricultural associations in a partnership for developing family farming: the case of Sumidouro-Alegre-ES
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000043802 270__ $$mhaloysio@cca.ufes.br$$pSiqueira,   Haloysio Miguel de
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000043802 520__ $$aThis paper aims to show the pilot experience in agricultural extension of the Federal University of Espírito Santo, the KAPI’XAWA
Group (Non-Governmental Organization – NGO) and the Sumidouro Community Association, situated in Alegre-ES city, aiming
either the sustainable development of the community, as well as the practical experience for the students of Agricultural Extension
discipline and for the KAPI’XAWA Group members. It is being conduced in a participative form, the following action lines:
associativism, organic production (vegetable and animal), recovery/conservation of water. It is highlighted the methodology of the
implantation of observation units as base for the diffusion of the innovations. The most important in this project is the social process
of teaching and learning launched. The main limitations are: the academic character of the project, for being conditioned to the
discipline semester regime; the degree of identification and the students’ commitment to the project; the rotation of the KAPI’XAWA
Group members; and the Association fragility.
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000043802 6531_ $$afamily farming
000043802 6531_ $$aprofessional formation.
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