For the study 240 Kyiv households with urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) have been surveyed in 2005. Quotas were assigned to four different types of plots. A standardized questionnaire was developed to collect data on crop and animal production, inputs, sales of produce for income, importance of the plot for self-sufficiency, recreation and leisure time. A factor analysis is employed to reduce attitudinal data. Based on factor scores a cluster analysis is conducted to segment the respondents into more homogeneous groups and to show multiple purposes of UPA. Four clusters labeled as “Seekers of leisure activities”, “UPA-dependent growers”, “Recreation-oriented growers” and “Little engaged growers” are created. Multiple purposes of UPA are shown by profiling the clusters due to demographic, socioeconomic and other selected characteristics. The results show that depending on the type of plot the importance of UPA shifts from livelihood necessity to recreational resource or combines both.


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