The most important territory of the agricultural production is the rural area. The rural area has effect on the production and the production has effect on the structure of the rural area. The agriculture as a sector was regulated by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which had established by the old member states. The structure of the old and the new members is not the same, so the effect of the CAP could be different in the various countries. Over and above the CAP reform determines not only the future of the agriculture but the future of the rural areas also. It is important to examine the role of the rural area in the various member states. The Visegrad Group is a loose cooperation beside of the Union and the members of it are competitors and partners at the same time. It is necessary to recognize the important regions of the agriculture and make comparison between them and other regions in another member states. The rural areas play different role in the four countries, and the various regions play various role in the different sector of the agriculture. The aim of the paper is to examine the role of the rural areas and the future of it takes into account the CAP reform.


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