Farmers are annually faced with critical management decisions that impact the employment of production inputs for various crop enterprises and the combination of crops that will be assembled into a cropping system. The need for reliable information is crucial if sound production decisions are to be made. Planning information plays a pivotal role in the development of 2001 production plans by farmers and is important in supporting their efforts to secure the necessary resources to carry out their plans. In addition, information regarding production alternatives and costs and returns for major crop enterprises is needed by extension personnel, researchers, lending institutions, and others involved in agriculture or agribusiness. This information has become all the more critical with the enactment of Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform (FAIR) Act in 1996 and the current situation of depressed prices for nearly all agricultural commodities. The purpose of this report is to provide for tenant and owner operator situations 2001 projected cost and return estimates for the following enterprises: rice in Southwest, Central, and Northeast Louisiana and soybean, corn, milo, wheat, and wheat-soybean double crop in Southwest Louisiana.


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