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This report summarizes the activities and accomplishments in Cotton Economics Research, which is conducted within the Cotton Economics Research Institute at Texas Tech University, during the 2000-2001 year. Of the $132,415 internal funding for the last year, $104,437 (79%) was allocated for student assistantships and faculty salaries, and $27,978 (21%) for maintenance and operation (supplies, travel, equipment, etc.). A total of 5 research projects were funded with the Applied Economics Research Funds for last year. Another 19 externally-funded projects were managed during the same time period. Each of the projects, both internally and externally funded, is summarized in the attached progress reports (Appendix B). These research activities covered diverse subject-matter areas, including consumer demand, production inputs and costs, production management practices, harvesting costs, ginning performance and costs, ginning by-products, marketing and pricing, industry structural relationships, and textile processing costs as they relate to Texas cotton.


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