The size of the Texas-Oklahoma spot market for the 1999/2000 marketing year increased considerably from the previous year and the average producer price declined for the fourth year in a row. The average price received by producers during the 1999/2000 marketing year was about 37.82 cents/lb., which was 13.32 cents/lb. lower than the previous marketing year. The 1999 crop was generally of good quality, but the average for staple length and strength declined compared to the 1998 crop. The percentage of bales having level 2 bark, and level 1 and 2 other extraneous matter also increased marginally when compared to the 1998 crop. With the exception of the first digit of the color grade, level 1 bark, and level 2 other extraneous matter, price discounts for the 1999 crop decreased for all quality attributes. The premiums for the first digit of the color grade and staple both increased, while the premium for strength decreased.


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