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The objectives of the study are two-fold. The first is to find out the relationship between the personal entrepreneurial competencies (PEC), as identified by Management Systems International, and the entrepreneurial intention of non-business students who are taking up an introductory entrepreneurship course. The second is to determine whether the entrepreneurial competencies of the students improved after taking the course. Using Spearman rank-order correlation, the study reveals that eight of the ten entrepreneurial competencies have a significant correlation with entrepreneurial intention although the relationship ranges only from moderate to weak. The Wilcoxon signed-rank test was employed to test whether the post PEC scores are significantly higher than the pretest scores. The results show that, in general, there is an improvement in the competency scores of the students after taking the course. The study recommends that further investigation be done on other factors that could have a greater impact on students’ entrepreneurial intention.


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