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The study assesses the socio-economic and environmental performance leading to the commercialization of the micro-controller-based coffee roasting machine for smallscale roasting operations. Key informant interview and coffee farmers’ survey were conducted to assess the farmer- respondents’ perceptions of coffee roasting machines and availability of resources. Results show that the designed coffee roaster almost fits the farmers’ criteria in selecting coffee roasting machine. Coffee farmers perceived the machine to be a very good technology as evidenced by its highly acceptable rating. Investment analysis reveals that using the roaster for custom work would be a profitable business with an IRR of 76% and benefit-cost ratio of 1.44. Moreover, even with the additional costs due to roasting, an average coffee farmer with one-hectare farm will get an additional income of PhP 28,240.00 from coffee roasting or an equivalent of PhP 70.6 per kilo of dried berries roasted instead of selling green berries.


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