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Findings of 20 papers on various aspects of the expected social and economic impacts of foreign investment in U.S. land are summarized. The papers conclude U.S. policy on foreign investment in land hinges on two questions: Should ownership of U.S. land be conditioned in any way by citizenship status? Should information on the ownership of land, both nominal and beneficial, be readily available to the public? Several actions are recommended: (1) continuation of current U.S. policy of limited Federal restrictions on alien ownership of land, pending completion of a comprehensive study of the long-term social and economic impacts of such ownership; (2) development of a Federal reporting system for identification of alien owners of U.S. land; (3) adoption of State laws requiring local officials to identify alien interests in land, to make the data available to the public, and to send the information to the State, where it then could be collected by a Federal agency ; and (4) creation of a commission with Federal, State, and local representation that would design more efficient landownership information collecting and handling systems.


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