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Excerpts from the report: Wheat is grown commercially in 42 States of the Union. In 1973, 58,800,000 acres were seeded to wheat; of this, 53,869,000 acres were harvested for grain. The average yield was 31.7 bushels per acre, giving a total crop of 1,705,167,000 bushels. A larger acreage was harvested in 1974 (64,459,000) yielding 1,793 million bushels and in 1975 (68,861,000) yielding 2,138 million bushels (preliminary government estimates). These were the largest national wheat crops ever recorded. The acre yield was about twice that generally obtained in the period before 1940. Wheat is grown because it is a good cash grain crop. It may be used for grazing livestock, as a hay crop, or seeded to stabilize the soil and retard erosion. The grain is produced mainly for human food but may be fed successfully to all classes of farm animals. The crop fits well in many rotations and can be used as a companion crop underseeded to legumes and grasses.


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