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[Objectives] Pleurotus eryngii is currently the second largest edible fungus variety cultivated in China, and it mainly adopts the bag cultivation mode. This study aims to effectively solve the problems of high cost of solid spawn, long spawn production cycle, low application level of green and high-yield cultivation technology and equipment, and unstable output and quality in the factory production process and to further promote industrial upgrading. [Methods] Since June, 2018, a series of research and technical optimizations had been carried out by a technical research team consisting of personnels from Vegetable Office of Guannan County, Institute of Edible Fungi of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Jiangsu Xiangru Biotechnology Co., Ltd., around the production of liquid spawn, introduction of excellent varieties of P. eryngii, medium pretreatment, autoclaving, clean room inoculation, digital cultivation, harvesting, packaging, etc. [Results] The key technology of industrial production, liquid spawn production and green and high-yield cultivation of P. eryngii are summarized. [Conclusions] The economic benefit of liquid spawn of P. eryngii is extremely considerable compared with liquid spawns such as branch spawn.


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