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In recent years, high-tech development zones (hi-tech zones) have always occupied a very important position in the strategy of promoting China’s innovative development. The combination of the "four-transform and three-famous" coordinated economic development strategy pioneered by Zhejiang Province in 2015 and the coordinated economic development of high-tech zones is particularly important for modern China at a critical time for innovative economic development. In this article, based on the research on the coordination mechanism of economic activities and development of Nanchang High-tech Zone, the development course of high-tech zones in China is elaborated, the early economic models in high-tech zones of Nanchang and China are analyzed, the existing problems in the structure of economic development of high-tech zones are analyzed in depth, the main driving factors for promoting the economic development of high-tech zones are studied from the aspects of capital, space, industry, economic model, etc., and corresponding development strategies for high-tech development zones in China are proposed.


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