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[Objectives] To enrich the species resources of Tianjin, Aornia melanocarpa was introduced and cultivated in 4 districts of Tianjin. [Methods] Two consecutive years of observation in 2018-2019 and research on the phenological period, high yield and fruit economic traits in 4 districts of Tianjin were carried out. [Results] The A. melanocarpa of the Linhai Jiayuan Experimental Site in Jinghai District has larger single fruit weight, higher nutrient composition, stronger plant growth, higher yield and storage stability, so this site can be used as a main planting base for large-scale planting of A. melanocarpa; the experimental site of Tianjin Agricultural University East Campus and the experimental site of Cuiping Lake Science Park of Jizhou District have a sour and astringent taste but relatively low yield, need to be processed as by-products in combination with market prices to determine whether to plant; the experimental site of Tianjin Agricultural University West Campus has low yield, small fruit and poor taste, and the planting effect is the worst among the four experimental sites. [Conclusions] From the overall economic traits of fruits, the fruits produced in the experimental site of Jinghai District have sufficient weight, high solid-acid ratio, and relatively high nutrient content, thus this experimental site can be used as large-scale cultivation base for A. melanocarpa.


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