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Through field investigation and consulting the existing literature, this paper illustrates that Jiugongshan area in China is a unique gene bank of excellent wild kiwifruit germplasm resources on the boundary between Hubei and Jiangxi. It is also one of the important birthplaces of breeding materials for new kiwifruit varieties in China. This paper introduces the main characteristics of the newly discovered wild red-fleshed kiwifruit in this area: short stalk, large fruit (the maximum fresh fruit weight of about 81.2 g), moderately sweet and sour, light red to red inner flesh, fruit soluble solids 14.10%, total sugar 8.84%, total acid 1.18%, vitamin C 644.3 mg/kg. It is expected to be cultivated into a new edible variety (line) or ornamental and edible variety (line) of Actinidia chinensis, which has a broad prospect of development and utilization.


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