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As people exploit resources vigorously, the amount of exploitable resources is decreasing. Due to long-term unsustainable development, resource-based cities and towns have encountered problems such as lack of resources and slow economic growth. Faced with the "resource curse" phenomenon, the transformation of resource-based cities and towns is an inevitable trend to achieve sustainable development. In this article, taking Qingcheng County as an example, by analyzing and researching the development status and existing problems of resource industry, the stage of industrial development in Qingcheng County is discussed to prove the importance of industrial transformation to the sustainable development of Qingcheng County, the experience and lessons that Qingcheng County can learn are summarized, and the objective laws and influencing factors in the acceleration of industrial transformation in Qingcheng County are analyzed in depth. Using SWOT analysis, specific countermeasures are explored to realize the industrial transformation of Qingcheng County.


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