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[Objectives] To better design and test 9FQM1000 branch and straw hammer mill in view of the problems of large output, low utilization rate, traditional incineration and easily polluting environment of the new agricultural economic organization's straw and waste branches. [Methods] This hammer mill adopts dual-channel feeding method. It adopts the basic working principle of disc shredding and hammer crushing. Besides, it makes design of the structure and driving system of the branch and straw hammer mill. 9FQM1000 type branch and straw hammer mill can finely crush the branches and straws. Finally, it makes a trial production of 9FQM1000 type branch and straw hammer mill. [Results] The prototype test showed that the combined crushing structure of 9FQM1000 type branch and straw hammer mill is reliable, and the production capacity is 3 000 kg/h. [Conclusions] The automatic feeder makes the crushing operation more stable, the labor intensity is reduced, the structure is simple, and it can be moved by traction. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It has the characteristics of high safety, automation and high production efficiency. Also, crushed materials can be used as edible fungus culture medium, animal feed, organic fertilizer, etc., and can be further compressed into biomass fuel, and the crushed branches can also be returned to the field.


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