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[Objectives] The purpose of this study was to provide reference for cultivation and promotion of a new sugarcane variety Yuetang 03-373, on the basis of analyzing and summarizing the characters of the variety. [Methods] Correlation, multiple regression and path analyses were performed for the yield and yield components of Yuetang 03-373. [Results] Correlation analysis shows that cane yield was significantly correlated with millable stalk number, stalk length and stalk diameter, and among them, the correlation with millable stalk number was the strongest. Multiple regression and path analyses show that millable stalk number contributed the most to cane yield, followed by stalk length, and stalk diameter contributed the least. The regression equation of cane yield against the three yield components was y = -2.871 3 + 1.549 7 x1 + 5.899 0 x2 - 395.429 4 x3 (R = 0.967 2**). [Conclusions] Millable stalk number and stalk length were the important and major factors for high yield of Yuetang 03-373, indicating that Yuetang 03-373 is a sugarcane variety of millable stalk type. In cultivation, full play should be given to the advantage of Yuetang 03-373 in millable stalk number, as well as stalk length (plant height), in order to achieve the purpose of increasing yield.


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