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In order to expand and strengthen the cucumber industry in Linyi City of Shandong City and make it more effective in revitalizing the rural economy, the authors surveyed the current situation of the cucumber planting area, production management, fresh-keeping processing and marketing in Linyi City. Based on the survey, it analyzed the current problems in the development of the cucumber industry in Linyi City, including low level of facilities and equipment, the post-picking processing technology, the imperfect quality control system, the low degree of information and the weak degree of organization. Finally, it came up with recommendations including developing increasing modern technological innovation of facility structure and equipment, accelerating research on post-picking commercial processing technology of cucumber, accelerating the construction of product quality traceability system, promoting in-depth integration of informationization and cucumber industry, and improving the degree of organization and industrialization, to improve the quality and benefits of cucumber industry, so as to provide guidance for improving the overall quality, benefit and market competitiveness of cucumber industry in Linyi City.


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