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In recent years, the scale of rice and shrimp cultivation in Hubei Province is expanding year by year, and cultivation model is innovating continuously, while consumption market is enlarging constantly. It realizes "dual use of one land, win-win of grain and fishery, stable grain production, and efficiency increase", and effectively solves the problems that "benefit of grain planting is low, and it is difficult to increase farmers' income". But there are still many problems at present, such as degeneration of crayfish germplasm, increase of disease incidence, centralized entering in the market affecting breeding efficiency, the benefits of rice not brought into full play, large number of business entities, lack of leading enterprises and sufficient supporting. To realize sustainable development of rice and shrimp cultivation industry, Hubei Province should adhere to the problem orientation, do a good job in supporting and capital guidance, increase effective supply, promote scale operation, cultivate leading enterprises, strengthen production management, and improve product quality.


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