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Excerpts from the report: Water is becoming one of the Nation's most limiting resources. In irrigation for agriculture, conveyance losses and low application efficiencies of water represent the principal source of waste. About one-third of all water diverted for irrigation is lost from point of diversion to the farm. Another third is lost through deep percolation and runoff during application. This leaves one-third of the water diverted for irrigation available for plant growth and land conditioning. Both conveyance and application efficiencies of irrigation water can be greatly improved. Conveyance losses are easier to control, as canal management is usually in the hands of trained people. Watertight conveyance structures almost completely eliminated losses. Closed underground conduits are more efficient than open channels, but in most instances conduits are more expensive to construct than channels. Linings also help to control weeds and indirectly contribute to the solution of the drainage problem.


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