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This paper intends to study the internal and external influencing factors and restrictive factors of the post-disaster recovery capacity of the affected areas after the agricultural land is destroyed by floods. On the basis of summarizing the research results of the resilience of cultivated land damaged by flood at home and abroad, this paper analyzes the internal and external driving forces of flood resilience, and comprehensively analyzes the utilization pattern of cultivated land with different resilience. The post-flood recovery assessment is studied from the perspective of land use, and the results show that there is a negative correlation between flood resilience and agricultural fragility in this area. The main factors that affect the resilience of agricultural flood in a certain area are relative height, precipitation, the distribution density of rivers in the region, the proportion of agricultural population in the local labor force, the proportion of people enjoying the minimum living allowances in the region, the proportion of the elderly population, medical and health institutions and other kinds of infrastructure, per capita GDP. The main factors affecting the resilience of regional agricultural flood are analyzed and evaluated, and the corresponding measures are put forward.


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