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In this study, the value chain perspective was combined with a food systems approach to assess food system responses in the value chain and external drivers from environmental and socioeconomic perspectives. The research object was the Swedish value chain for vegetables, with the aim of providing a comprehensive picture of current trends and drivers and identifying future developments important for vegetable growers, producer organizations, wholesalers and retailers. The empirical data is based on in-depth interviews with key-decision makers in the Swedish value chain, constituting a single case. The point of departure is that key actors in this chain, from producer organizations to retailers, can provide a comprehensive picture on the category’s past development and future directions. A combined food systems and value chain approach has been applied. Drivers and chain responses have been identified and categorized into six main categories related to: (1) health; (2) consumer interest for food and variation; (3) convenience; (4) origin; (5) sustainability; and (6) urbanization. Value chain responses and future challenges as well as aspects on value chain dynamics and sustainability issues in the food system are presented and discussed


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