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Excerpts from the report Summary and Conclusions: In the past, use of improved technology has assured growth in output from United States farms sufficient to meet increasing market demands for farm products. The record on this score was especially noteworthy when demand rose sharply during World War II and the years immediately following. Farm output during the last few years has exceeded market requirements. But further growth in the population of the United States and rising consumer incomes will mean increasing needs for farm products. The past record would indicate that these increased future needs can be met relatively easily. The difficulties that may be encountered, however, will depend partly on the size of the job ahead. The chief purpose of this report, here summarized, is to describe and analyze the size of the production job ahead for our farmers. The estimates of future production needs used in the analysis are based on projections of potential demands for agricultural products in 1960 and 1975 under specific assumptions regarding growth in our economy and the upward trend in our population.


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